Family law

Family law is an area in which Alphalex Avocats SA is deeply invested. In the practice of family law, we extend ourselves to respond expeditiously and attentively to our clients’ needs for legal counsel and representation with respect to family matters.


Criminal law

Criminal law is at the heart of Alphalex Avocats SA’s practice. With its dynamic and responsive structure, our firm takes charge of the entirety of a criminal case at any stage of the proceedings.


Labour law

Labour law is one of Alphalex Avocats SA’s strong proclivities. Our lawyers assist individuals and businesses in any disputes involving labour law, benefitting particularly from the extensive experience Mr. Matthieu Genillod…


Housing law

Housing law — in the broadest sense of the term — as it includes various areas of law in relation to real property and construction — is one of Alphalex Avocats SA’s main areas of expertise.


Inheritance law

Alphalex Avocats SA counsels and assists its clients in matters involving the law of succession and estate planning. The firm is very active, at both the local and international levels, in providing counsel in family matters, particularly regarding inheritance.


Commercial and corporate law

Counsel to companies and entrepreneurs constitutes one of our firm’s major area of professional service. Alphalex Avocats SA serves all types of businesses and ensures that their needs are met at each stage of their development.



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Av. du Tribunal-Fédéral 1
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