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Counsel to companies and entrepreneurs constitutes one of our firm’s major area of professional service. Alphalex Avocats SA serves all types of businesses and ensures that their needs are met at each stage of their development.

During a company’s formation, our lawyers advise its founders especially in the selection of the appropriate legal form, the drafting of bylaws, and the establishment of the company’s regulatory structure, in close collaboration with the managers; and draft and negotiate all documents necessary for a company’s purchase, sale, reorganization or transformation. Counsel to companies and entrepreneurs constitutes one of our firm’s major area of professional service. Our lawyers provide extensive assistance to assure that measures are taken to protect the company’s legal personality against infringements (unfair competition, misuse of the corporate name, undermining through the internet).

Most particularly, Mr. Genillod has built a strong relationship of trust with a number of entrepreneurs and managers of small/medium sized companies, who he assists in their daily conducting of their company’s business by attentively, expeditiously and efficiently communicating advice to them. Hence, actors in the areas of real estate, construction, healthcare and retailing call upon the services of our firm as an interlocutor of reference in all legal matters. Our lawyers also participate in the drafting and monitoring of contracts and agreements with the company’s collaborators, employees, customers, suppliers and other third parties. Our lawyers collaborate with correspondents in Switzerland and abroad, such as notaries, chartered public accountants and tax experts.

Our firm also provides legal services adapted to the particular circumstances of associations and foundations. Well aware of these legal structures’ specific requirements and needs, our lawyers are indeed widely recognized for their expertise in that regard. Alphalex Avocats SA assists associations and foundations in all of the legal steps specific to their legal status, and also in their regular activities through counsel and legal representation.


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