The financial issue should never be seen as a brake on the legitimate assertion of one’s rights. To the contrary, Alphalex Avocats SA is honoured to represent a wide range of clients with different financial resources.

It is common knowledge that the amount of fees charged by lawyers may be a source of concern for clients. Alphalex Avocats SA is particularly attentive to this aspect of its work. Our lawyers’ hourly fee is clearly established. Concretely, it varies as a function of the lawyer’s experience, the difficulties of the case, and any requirements of speed and urgency that may impact the course of the firm’s business and the financial stakes involved. Pursuant to the customary tariff specified by the Vaud Bar Association, the fee of reference is CHF 350 to CHF 380 per hour for associate lawyers and CHF 350 to CHF 450 for Mr. Matthieu Genillod, the Firm’s founder and managing lawyer. These fees do not include the VAT and disbursements. Disbursements are charged at a fixed amount representing 5 % of the final fees.

After discussion with the client, the basic tariff may be adapted in order to take into account his personal and financial situation. The cost of our Firm’s work is clearly specified from the outlet and meets the requirements set by law for the legal profession (article 45).

A provision for fees is billed regularly and, then, an interim and/or final bill for fees is issued. Payment schedules may be granted in agreement with the client.

For cases involving both civil law and criminal law, the primary objective of our lawyers is to meet the highest professional standards and serve their clients’ interests as best they can. Hence, in the most difficult financial situations, our lawyers represent and counsel their clients with the same professionalism when legal aid is granted — i.e. as court-assigned counsel in civil or criminal matters. Our lawyers will be pleased to inform you in that regard during your first appointment and assist you in the administrative steps to be taken.


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