Mr. Matthieu Genillod

If you have any question and would like an appointment, you may contact Mr. Matthieu Genillod by email at:
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Mr. Matthieu Genillod is the founder and managing partner of the Alphalex Avocats SA firm. He has practised law since 2004, meeting the highest professional standards with rigour and humanity. His dedicated commitments and combativeness in the fights he undertakes on his client’s behalf has made him one of the renowned actors in Vaud legal circles.

Throughout the years, Mr. Genillod has acquired solid experience and has earned the trust of a significant clientele due to his investment of himself, and the quality of his work in representing them in court, particularly in criminal law, family law, inheritance law, labour law, and real estate and construction law. With a postgraduate diploma in corporate and business law (Master of Business Law, LL.M.), Mr. Genillod is counsel for a number of businesses that participate in the economy of Lausanne and Vaud.

In addition to his personal legal practise, he has developed a large network of professionals in Switzerland and abroad; and, whatever his clients’ needs, he is available to respond expeditiously and meet their highest expectations. .

Dedicated to his profession and engaged in ongoing training, Mr. Genillod teaches civil law, particularly in the areas of family and inheritance law, to students enrolled for the TREX | MAS HES federal diploma of chartered accountant experts at Romandie Formation. Since 2007, concomitantly with his legal practise, he has served as the vice-presiding judge of the Labour Court of Lausanne, as well as the vice-presiding judge of the Labour Court of the Vaud cantonal administration. Mr. Genillod is a member of numerous professional associations concerned with the law and its development.


Mr. Mathias Micsiz

If you have any questions and would like an appointment, you may contact Mr. Micsiz by email at:
+41 21 512 44 44

Mr. Mathias Micsiz holds a university Bachelor of law diploma (with magna cum laude honours) awarded by the University of Lausanne, and a bilingual university Master of law diploma awarded by the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne (with summa cum laude honours). Concomitantly with his studies, Mr. Micsiz worked as an ad hoc clerk for numerous Vaud judicial authorities.

After concluding his academic training, Mr. Micsiz broadened his early legal experience with work as a court clerk, holding, in particular, the position of a clerk of reference in family matters at the Court of Lausanne. Mr. Micsiz then completed his legal internship with Mr. Matthieu Genillod at the Legentis Avocats law firm, and obtained his license to practise law in 2018.

He then worked for Mr. Genillod at the same firm, and participated in the creation of the Alphalex Avocats SA law firm in 2019 as an associate.

With his experience in the courts, Mr. Misciz has the ability to efficiently and astutely identify the particular issues and stakes in a dispute, and provide clients with the best advice for defence of their interests. Determined and responsive, he practises his profession with sensitivity, rigour and attentiveness, and a commitment to guide his principals with clarity through the arcane mysteries of the judicial system. His predilections are for criminal law, family law, contract law (leases and employment contracts), civil liability law, social and private insurance law, and administrative litigation.

Ms. Stéphanie Zaganescu

If you have any question and would like any appointment, you may contact Ms. Zaganescu by email at:
+41 21 512 44 44

Ms. Stéphanie Zaganescu has a complete academic background sanctioned by a Master of Law (MLaw) delivered with honors from the Law Faculty of the University of Lausanne, as well as a Bachelor of Law obtained from the Law Faculty of the University of Fribourg.

Ms. Zaganescu, a lawyer at the bar, joined our team in April 2018. Previously, she had collaborated with several Lausanne law firms. At Alphalex Avocats SA, she assists a varied clientele mainly in judicial law, respectively in family law, labor law and criminal law.

Strong in character and persuasive, Ms. Zaganescu practices law with firmness and humanity. She is particularly involved in complex cases in family law (international dimension and child abduction) where she brings a quality listening and a constant commitment to the clients of the firm.

Me Jeanne

If you have any question and would like any appointment, you may contact Ms. Clerc by email at:
+41 21 512 44 44

Ms. Jeanne Clerc joined Alphalex SA as an associate in March 2023. After her law studies at the University of Lausanne, culminating in obtaining a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in law from litigation, magna cum laude, Me Jeanne Clerc obtained her lawyer’s license in March 2019.

In addition to her practice at the bar, Me Jeanne Clerc has varied professional experience such as clerk with the Criminal Chamber of the Eastern Vaud District Court and lawyer with legal protection insurance. She also currently holds the position of Vice-President of the civil and criminal chambers of the Eastern Vaudois District Court.

Listening and very committed to defending the interests of his clients, Me Clerc practices at the bar, particularly in criminal law, family law, labor law, as well as construction law.

Me Dévi-Victoria Dupuis

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact Me Dévi-Victoria Dupuis :
+41 21 512 44 44

Dévi-Victoria Dupuis joined Alphalex SA as an associate in July 2023. After obtaining her bar exam in October 2018, Dévi-Victoria Dupuis worked as a family law attorney in two Lausanne law firms.

Aware of the sensitive position of children in family law cases, Dévi-Victoria Dupuis undertook training in Child and Adolescent Protection at the Geneva School of Social Work and obtained a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in January 2023. Dévi-Victoria Dupuis is also trained in collaborative law.

Integral and pragmatic, Dévi-Victoria Dupuis is attentive to the needs and interests of her clients, whom she assists in both amicable and legal proceedings.

Me Dévi-Victoria Dupuis is fluent in French and English, and practices mainly in family law and related criminal law.

Me Émilie Brabis Lehmann

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact Me Émilie Brabis Lehmann:
+41 21 512 44 44

After studying law at the University of Fribourg, Émilie Brabis Lehmann qualified as a lawyer in September 2008.

She then worked as a court clerk for four years, first at the Jura Bernois-Seeland Regional Court in the canton of Bern and then at the Vaud Cantonal Court.

Having returned to the bar in September 2012, Émilie Brabis Lehmann practised as an associate in two Lausanne law firms for nine years. She then joined Lehmann as a partner in December 2021 before joining Alphalex Avocats SA in August 2023.

Émilie Brabis Lehmann obtained a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Judicial Studies in January 2021. She also obtained the title of specialist lawyer FSA in labour law from the Swiss Bar Association in November 2022.

In addition to her work as a lawyer, Émilie Brabis Lehmann is Vice-President of the Tribunal d’arrondissement de la Broye et du Nord vaudois since July 2022 and was Vice-President of the Tribunal de prud’hommes de l’arrondissement de Lausanne for more than twelve years.

Émilie Brabis Lehmann has an excellent knowledge of the legal world. She advises and defends her clients’ interests in the main areas of law, with particular expertise in employment and civil service law.


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